CVR number 42573019
Articles of association here (link on the way)

Current focus areas

  • Our working language is English because the collective is largely international. We translate as much of our programming and activities as possible into Danish in order to welcome the Danish speaking local communities.

  • Anyone can enrol as an active or supporting member - contact us to hear more.

  • We operate on a tiny budget with support from local, regional, and national public funding as well as support from private foundations. Most art workers experience financial precarity even though severity might differ. We prioritise distributing funds towards artists, curators, and artworkers on projects, and cover all costs associated in the project instead of having full or part time employees. If possible, we create small employment contracts. Our current aim is to fundraise towards paying artworkers to carry out collective organising tasks that are not specific to existing projects, which currently are carried out unpaid.

  • We are a space-less platform that organises online, in our private studio spaces, or in spaces we collaborate with, such as Buens Bog Cafe, Huset i Hasserisgade, and Enggarden Fountain House. Our list of collaborators here

  • As a collective we try to create the tools, infrastructures, and working practices that artists need in order to have a healthier collective working life and routines. See our resource list (as mentioned in our Article of Association - currently being updated - upload to come).

Fees and economy

We structure artist, curator and education fees in accordance with UKK and BKF and we currently operate with an hourly rate of 350 kr. for meeting, prep, workshops, and research. We are working towards raising this hourly rate.

Payments and financial rhythm

The admin group will process payments (invoices and refunds/reimbursements) every two weeks on the first and third Monday of the month. Please make sure to submit your invoices in accordance with these dates. If you have any questions, email

Download the guide ‘how to invoice’ here and use your own invoice template, or,
Download Invoice Template here.

Refund and reimbursement

To request refunds and/or reimbursements submit your contact information, bank information, an image of your receipt, as well as information on the costs including a receipt with date and purchase information via a request form. Submit your request form here. 1 receipt per request.

Remember to take a photo on a flat surface - preferably white/one background colour or cropped to the edge. Make sure that the text is readable. Formats: PDF and image files. Max 100MB. See example of accepted photo of receipt here.

Solemn declarations

Lost your receipt? Unable to get a proper receipt? In that case you need to fill out a solemn declaration and  e-mail us at Download the solemn declaration form here.